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Guide: Welcome: SCONUL Access


Welcome to the 'SCONUL Access' page.


You will find information here relating to the 'SCONUL Access Scheme'.

How to Register

To join the scheme:

  • Complete the online 'SCONUL Access application form' (link below)
  • You will receive an approval email from SRUC Library
  • Take this email and your SRUC ID card to the library you wish to join.
  • The Library you wish to use will issue a borrowing card.
  • The borrowing card will be valid for the current academic year

SCONUL Access Scheme

This scheme allows staff, researchers and part-time or distance learning students to borrow material from participating libraries. Several member libraries also allow full-time postgraduate students to borrow under the scheme. Other full-time SRUC students may join SCONUL Access to use participating libraries on a reference basis only.

The scheme is free to join and there is no limit to the number of libraries that you can join. Not all SCONUL (Society of College, National and University Libraries) members have chosen to participate in the scheme. A list of participating libraries is available on the SCONUL website.

Visiting SCONUL Member Libraries

Phone in advance, or check the individual library’s website for the most recent information on opening hours and local policies. Some libraries may only be able to complete your registration during office hours, or at certain points in the term. Many also require a passport-sized photograph.

You will need to take along the approval email and your SRUC ID card. Users are entitled to borrow a maximum of three items

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