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FAQs on Covid Arrangements

This page provides FAQs about the new booking system for booking a study space in the library and requesting, collecting and returning Library books.
Don't hesitate to contact the Library if the answer to your query is not here.  Contact us at


Question 1: Do I have to wear a face covering in the Library?

Yes all library users need to wear a face covering - it has been made mandatory by the Scottish Government.


Question 2: Are there any restrictions to the number of study sessions/click and return sessions I can book?

No there are no restrictions.  This may change if the booking service is overwhelmed  with requests.


Question 3: Should you only book a book collection timeslot when you receive an email to let you know the book is available to collect?

Yes once you receive an email from the library to let you know the book is waiting, book a collection slot to come in.


Question 4: Can you collect/return a book when you are booked in for a study space?

Slots are specific. If you plan to collect a book when you come in to study, book a collection/return slot as well.


Question 5: Is there a process for signing in for your study spot or should you just come in and sit down?

In self managed study spaces at Barony and Ayr student will need to check into their desk using the QR code.  At other sites report to the Library Desk and staff will help you.


Question 6: Do you need to physically distance in a queue when arriving for a timeslot?

For the Click and Collect/Return there are specific timeslots and students are asked to arrive at their allocated time time on their own. Study spaces do start at the same time and students will need to ensure they are socially distanced when coming into the Library and not stand in a group.


Question 7: When will the booking timeslots close? How last minute can some one turn up?

Booking is open until the end of each timeslot but students need to give enough time to complete the activity they have come into the library to do.


Question 8: Are you able to show up at the last minute and take a study space even if you have not booked?

Study spaces need to be booked even if you are turning up "at the last minute".  You non a steed to check if there is a space available and book in. Online booking is available on mySRUC and also there is a mobile version on


Question 9: Is there a map of available study spaces?

There is not a map currently but this is being looked at.


Question 10: Do the study space numbers correspond to specific seats?

Yes all study spaces have a number that corresponds to the booking system number.


Question 11: Can you move seats once you have come into the Library?

No you must stay in the seat you booked.


Question 12: Can I book a study space with someone else?

No, students cannot share a space or work together in the on a study desk due to social distancing regulations.