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Subject Guide: Sports Coaching & Professional Golf: Home


Welcome to the 'Sports Coaching & Professional Golf' Subject Guide.


Search the library catalogue for books using title, author or keyword searching.  The catalogue gives the location and shelfmark for printed books.   

Ebooks are also accessible via the library catalogue.

Shelfmarks relevant to this subject are:

 Ball Games  796.3
 Golf  796.352
 Golf Coaching  796.352077
 Golf Course Management  796.352069
 Golf Courses  796.352068
 Golf Rules  796.35202022
 Golf History  796.35209
 Golfers  796.352092
 Sport  796
 Sport Coaching  796.3
 Sport Psychology  796.01
 Sport Research  796.07
 Sports Facilities Management  796.068


Library OPAC

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Print journals are arranged alphabetically by title on the library shelves, older volumes may be held in the stack.  All journal titles are listed on the library catalogue.

Electronic journals are also listed on the library catalogue – click the link on the catalogue record to access the resource.

If you do not have a specific journal title or wish to search for journal articles on a topic, use a database. Find these on the Moodle library page.

Search for eResources

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There are a number of databases that you can use, to search for resources in your subject area:

Databases - Help?

 Consult the help pages on the SRUC website if you need further help and advice about accessing SRUC databases.

Links to 'help pages' for individual databases, can be found here:


There are some additional electronic resources available, which you may also find useful:

Online Tutorials

There are a number of online tutorials available for you to work through at your own pace.

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Sports Coaching (Image)

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Each book has a shelfmark, which is a combination of numbers and letters. 

Break this down in to sections, to make it easier to find the book you are looking for:


 Contact your local SRUC library for more information.

Be smart - remember your card

You will need your matriculation card to borrow books from the Library.

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