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Guide: Print, Copy, Scan: Home


Welcome to the 'Print, Copy, Scan' Guide.


All student printing and copying is managed through your SRUC account. At the beginning of each academic year, every student is allocated a credit of £6.00.

Once this is used up, students pay for prints and copies at the following costs:

Printing & Copying Cost Per Side
  A4 black & white 2p
  A3 black & white 2p
  A4 colour 4p
  A3 colour 4p


These amounts will automatically be debited from your SRUC print and copy account. 

Payments may be made to the library staff at your campus to top-up your printing and copying credit.

Photocopying (Image)

© Tom Magliery (2009), CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Scanning may be available (and is free) but please ask at issue desk for further details.

Binding (Image)

© Christian Shnettelker (2013), CC BY 2.0


Comb binding is available at Ayr campus and costs are £2.50 per document.

Binding (Image)

© Domiriel (2010), CC BY-NC 2.0


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