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Guide: Off-Campus Access to Journals & Databases: Home


Welcome to the 'Off-Campus Access to Journals & Databases' Guide.


  • Staff and students can access a range of electronic journals and databases off campus.
  • Most of these are accessible by selecting the "My Institution" drop down menu and choosing SRUC.
  • The username and password are those that are used for accessing Desktop and Moodle.


© Natasia Causse (2014), CC BY 2.0

Borrowing Entitlements

 Services for 'Distance Learning Students' are listed here. A number of services are offered to part time students studying at a distance.

eResource Problems?

Are you experiencing access issues with our eResource subscribed content?


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  • Please note that students will find a list of available databases on the Library’s Moodle pages.
  • Staff may also check the list on Moodle, or login to the staff intranet and visit the library pages.


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