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Welcome to the 'Frequently Asked Questions' Guide.


You will find information here, relating to FAQs that we receive from users of our libraries.

Question 1: I've got fines - may I still borrow books?

  • If your fines are £5 or over you will not be able to borrow items until you have paid off your debt.
  • If your fines are under £5 you will still be able to borrow items.

Help? (Image)


© GotCredit (2015),  CC BY 2.0

Question 2: I have a query about my library record?

  • Please contact your campus library staff.

Question 3: How do I access 'My Account'?

When you visit 'My Account' (link below) enter your username and password for your staff/student desktop.

What? (Image)

© Mike Linksvayer (2013), CC0 1.0

Question 4: OPAC - what does this mean?

  • It stands for Online Public Access Catalogue.  It allows you to search for books and other items.
  • There are OPACs available at each campus library (please ask staff where they can be found).

Email (Image)

© Sean MacEntee (2010), CC BY 2.0

Question 5: I've reserved a book - how do I know when I can collect it?

  • You will get an e-mail telling you when it is available to pick up from your chosen library.

Question 6: Can I post books back to the library?

  • You may post books back to the library, but until they are safely received the responsibility lies with you.
  • Should the books be lost in the post, you will be liable for replacement costs.

Why? (Image)

© Anna Vignet (2008), CC BY-ND 2.0

Question 7: I've received an e-mail asking me to return a book early - why?

  • Only if it's required to be put on short loan, will we ask for it back early.

Question 8: How do I renew online?

Visit 'My Account' (link below) and log on by entering the username and password for your staff/ student desktop.


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